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silent / тихий, молчаливый, немой
имя прилагательное
quiet, silent, soft, low, calm, tranquil
silent, tacit, taciturn, mute, uncommunicative, dumb
dumb, mute, silent, speechless, voiceless, inarticulate
имя существительное
немой фильм
имя прилагательное
not making or accompanied by any sound.
the woods were still and silent
Another intriguing tidbit concerns the gakudan, the musical group that accompanied silent films.
The audience is silent one moment and filled with laughter the next.
She sat with her knees together, hands clasped in silent prayer.
I once watched a Fritz Lang silent film without music and my head ached for days.
That makes me sound like the silent type, my desire to avoid conversation.
I stayed silent for a long time looking over the letter again.
Ever since it gave the probe into what went wrong to two independent executives, the network has gone silent on the subject.
Some were silent , others screamed aloud, and some just lay crying, but all appeared miserable.
If you flip it to level 2, all it does is put into a slightly fainter form, those letters that are silent , which is quite a handy little guide.
The room was completely silent for a moment.