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signpost / указатель, указательный столб
имя существительное
pointer, index, indicator, cursor, signpost, marker
указательный столб
signpost, guidepost
имя существительное
a sign giving information such as the direction and distance to a nearby town, typically found at a crossroads.
Town traffic and through traffic are already directed by the latest signposts to use Southbroom Road and New Park Street.
provide (an area) with a signpost or signposts.
most of the walks were well signposted
After leaving Durrow I headed out along the Kilkenny Road and was directed to Attanagh by a road signpost .
There's no direction, no definitive signpost telling you how many miles to your next destination.
At the end of the road a signpost declares the way: ‘Public Footpath by Gipsy Glen to Yarrow’.
She said people had been contacting her initially with an email or telephone call; the next step was to establish how best she could assist, whether it was helping to signpost people in the right direction or to fill out an application form.
If the bureau cannot offer direct help and advice, they can signpost people to the relevant statutory or specialist bodies to offer assistance.
However, he has also acknowledged ‘I think music can sometimes steer the audience into a way of looking at a scene, as a kind of signpost along the road’.
Immediately below the bridge, a path runs leftwards, uphill to a tarmac road where a signpost to Birnam Hill points to the left.
shorts remain the fashion signpost of summer's arrival
Archer, while a great boxer, wasn't a puncher of any description and that knockdown, as clear as any signpost , indicated that it was time for Sugar Ray to quit.
I mean, there'd been times when I wasn't exactly sure where I was, but there'd always been the inevitable signpost or landmark or town where I could ask directions.