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signify / означать, значить, иметь значение
mean, indicate, denote, imply, signify, represent
mean, signify, imply, import, denote, intend
иметь значение
matter, mean, signify, count, evaluate, weigh
herald, portend, presage, foreshadow, forebode, signify
express, signify, voice, convey, put, say
be an indication of.
this decision signified a fundamental change in their priorities
(among black Americans) exchange boasts or insults as a game or ritual.
signify your agreement by signing the letter below
On the other hand, it is not supposed to signify anything more than that; it is not a statement on whether the price that the products fetch in the market and the quantity that the firm sells are acceptable.
It might seem surprising to some that a singer/actor born and bred in Tacoma, Washington, might function symbolically to signify the South.
The fact that it was not deliberately publicised does not, I believe, signify an intention to cover it up.
Frank Laffey, Teagasc National Farm Safety Specialist and chairman of the Farm Safety Partnership Group, said the figures signify the continuing tragedy of death and injury on our farms.
The title of student does not signify an individual with fewer capabilities or less commitment.
The fact that Evelyn is female doesn't, to me, signify anything more to me than what her gender is.
We know by now that these fateful peculiarities, right after the credits, need not necessarily signify .
the locked door doesn't necessarily signify
the church used this image to signify the Holy Trinity