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signboard / вывеска
имя существительное
signboard, sign, facia, fascia, shingle
имя существительное
a board displaying the name or logo of a business or product.
The bureau will aim to promote further ‘internationalization’ of Tokyo's Haneda airport and more signboards and pamphlets written in foreign languages.
The shop doesn't even have a noticeable signboard .
The team members wear goofy cowboy outfits and hold up a signboard to advertise their goods for sale whenever a train passes by.
a shop with its name painted on a signboard over the door
The signboard with its peeling paint and the cheerless showroom near the Overbridge, with a modest collection of handicrafts in wood is not something that would catch your eye.
There is not even a signboard that indicates the dangerous zone ahead.
Get past the main gate and well-laid out roads, wide footpaths, neat walkways leading to apartments and clearly painted signboards greet you.
People also felt the strong Western influence in the four types of signage in foreign languages that were erected around the city - street names, traffic direction signs, shop signboards and billboards.
Shops and other business premises are extremely well maintained and fronts and signboards give a good quality to the town.
The signboards have instructions within the red circle, such as ‘follow traffic rules’, ‘don't cut yellow line ’, which is not sanctioned by convention.
Do not park vehicles in a manner that obstructs traffic or obscure the view of traffic signboards .