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signature / подпись, подписание, автограф
имя существительное
signature, sign, caption, subscription, John Hancock, sub
signing, signature, subscription, sub
autograph, signature
ставить подпись
signature, affix
имя существительное
a person's name written in a distinctive way as a form of identification in authorizing a check or document or concluding a letter.
The analysis concluded that the signature on the document was ‘very similar’ to Chen's.
a letter or figure printed at the foot of one or more pages of each sheet of a book as a guide in binding.
The signature ensured that a large sheet of paper printed on a press could be folded, gathered, bound, and cut with the leaves in the proper order.
the part of a medical prescription that gives instructions about the use of the medicine or drug prescribed.
If famotidine is used for reasons other than the two criteria described below, the attending physician will also need to provide a signature and an explanation for the use of famotidine.
Holmstrom would also go on to illustrate album covers for his beloved Ramones, create his signature character Bosko and contribute to magazines like High Times.
Robinson, aged 57, has been informed by London solicitors Ashurst, Morris Chrisp that agreement has been reached with Mansport and documents are now awaiting signature .
the licence was sent to the customer for signature
The presence of high levels of nucleotide diversity, however, is only one characteristic of the signature of a balanced polymorphism.
However, what the Bank put before him for signature by way of security documents was a mortgage for the ‘Sneaths’ property.
Cells tugged in one direction sent biochemical signals in the opposite direction in the form of a signature pattern of fluorescent light.
The easiest way for a bill to become law is that one chamber passes the legislation and sends it to the other chamber, which adopts it in its entirety, allowing the bill to be sent to the president for signature .
When he asked to see the cashed cheque, the signature bore no resemblance to his own.
Were the legislature of the view that a reliable document bearing the signature of its author would be sufficient to operate as a testamentary instrument, it could have so legislated.
Where a single document is prepared for signature by several persons, the document on its face points to a conclusion that the signatures of all are essential to its validity.