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sightly / красивый, приятный на вид, видный
имя прилагательное
beautiful, handsome, nice, lovely, goodly, sightly
приятный на вид
easy on the eye, sightly
prominent, eminent, conspicuous, distinguished, sightly, first-string
имя прилагательное
pleasing to the eye.
metal guards can also be used but are less sightly
Even as an open space it would be more sightly than the old glasshouse.
Old railway sleepers have been laid along substantial stretches of the path to Coire Ardair: perhaps not the most sightly solution to the problem, but it has been successful in allowing vegetation on either side to regenerate.
An unlikely mix of Italian Taleggio, pesto, and pine nuts was more sightly and tasted surprisingly smooth.
A lighted Christmas crib, the hand-craft of John Earley, was donated to the town and positioned in Main Street opposite Mooney's Lounge, and it creates a sightly scene.
The renovation now makes it a sightly scene and one of great respect.
Veneers might offer a quick-fix Hollywood grin, but braces are making a comeback as technological advances make them more sightly - and more effective.
As seen from the roadside, color and neatness are probably the two most important factors in visual sightliness , Strobel says.
‘It is very detrimental to the stormwater system and the overall sightliness of the city,’ Public Works Department Director Charles Hardt told the City Council during its weekly committee meetings.
The same cause renders the joints of the brickwork too large for sightliness , but the result so far as strength is concerned is very satisfactory.
‘We plan to work together to minimize disturbances or interruptions such as traffic flow or the sightliness of the area,’ said Shaindlin, who oversees the operations of the Halekulani and the nearby Waikiki Parc hotels.