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sight / взгляд, зрение, вид
имя существительное
sight, view, look, opinion, glance, eye
vision, sight, eyesight, eye
view, kind, form, look, appearance, sight
see, spot, sight, catch sight of, make out, spy
watch, see, observe, oversee, supervise, sight
make out, discern, distinguish, sight, spy
имя существительное
the faculty or power of seeing.
Joseph lost his sight as a baby
a thing that one sees or that can be seen.
John was a familiar sight in the bar for many years
a device on a gun or optical instrument used for assisting a person's precise aim or observation.
And they said the same things but they added that some of their weapons, thermal sights and night vision devices needed updating.
manage to see or observe (someone or something); catch an initial glimpse of.
tell me when you sight London Bridge
take aim by looking through the sights of a gun.
she sighted down the barrel
sight test
John was a familiar sight in the bar for many years
Pickup autos with colourful stockpiles weaving through the congested National Highway at Karamana or Pulimood are a familiar sight .
The sight of blood flowing from his lip and nose was almost too much.
The disease usually does not affect the senses - taste, touch, sight , smell, and hearing - or the mind.
However, to watch the players in action you would think that Poll had completely lost the power of sight and moral judgement.
Scotty glanced about for any sight of the East Team before answering.
Vows declaring two individuals permanently one in the sight of God, a bond no one may put asunder, are taken as mostly a quaint rhetoric or archaic poetry.
The sight of blood could set some people into hysterics.
Although they were clearly within sight , they seemed very distant and remote.