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sienna / сиена, охра
имя существительное
ocher, sienna, ochre
имя существительное
a kind of ferruginous earth used as a pigment in painting, normally yellowish-brown in color ( raw sienna ) or deep reddish-brown when roasted ( burnt sienna ).
Natural ochres, siennas , and umbers are found in a range of colours from red, orange, yellow, and brown to virtually black.
Through the water he could see layers of other leaves that had earlier sunk to the bottom, arranging themselves in shaded and mottled patterns of burnt umber and sienna .
Slightly smaller than life-size, the statue's forehead bears a cobra, a symbol of royalty, and the face is painted a rich sienna .
Natural colours such as sienna , coffee, verdure, burgundy, metal and champagne are chosen as ambient colours.
In the middle of the zone, where it narrowed to less than a kilometre near Byumba, I spotted soldiers swarming around the rich sienna of freshly turned mounds of earth; they were like giant anthills bracketing the city on both flanks.
The paintings of this third and continuing phase, elaborated in the artist's hallmark palette of ochre, ultramarine, sienna and viridian, carry a sharp whiff of pine from the Shivaliks, the Himalayan foothills.
In the center are two squares consisting of nine deeply saturated blocks of red, sienna , blue and black.
The piece is illustrated with images that demonstrate the austere intensity of his work since then, exquisite abstract interiors and still lifes executed in his preferred palette of white, grey, light ochre and sienna .
In the larger of these, the backgrounds are sepia, white, black, deep yellow, peachy sienna .
Deep sienna and browns, both reddish and nearly black, sweep over the canvas, the forms, if not the hues, like those of a cloudscape.
Avoid big, bulky sweaters and select thin knits (with no wild life embellishments, please) in warm dark hues like eggplant, sienna , or olive and wear them out over your jeans.