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siding / сайдинг, ветка, наружная обшивка
имя существительное
branch, siding, stick, limb, extension, spray
наружная обшивка
имя существительное
a short track at the side of and opening onto a railroad line, used chiefly for shunting or stabling trains.
Another old steam era operations feature were doubling sidings , short single-ended tracks.
cladding material for the outside of a building.
Like those of the home, the exterior materials - rough-sawn cedar siding and oxidized sheet steel - blend with the colors of the landscape.
support or oppose in a conflict, dispute, or debate.
he felt that Max had betrayed him by siding with Beatrice
provide with a side or sides; form the side of.
the hills that side a long valley
You wouldn't know by looking, but the Thomases' vines disguise some imperfections in the stucco siding .
Contemporary railing features a combination of redwood tongue and groove siding and sleek brushed stainless steel piping.
The buttery yellow exterior - a mix of stucco and siding - provides a colorful backdrop for the new landscaping.
A bracket included with every piece is designed to allow the artwork to hang level on walls made of stone, stucco, clapboard, siding and brick.
For aluminum siding , any surface oxidation must be completely removed by careful, light rubbing with steel wool.
Industries often had to fight for the right to have their own siding since the railway preferred to concentrate cars in one place on team tracks.
Homes built from 1920 to 1960 might contain asbestos in floor tiles, siding , or pipe insulation.
The original two-story house combined brick, plaster, and board-and-batten siding into a hodgepodge of disparate details.
On the outside of the house, stucco replaces non-natural materials like vinyl siding .
Powerwashing has gained wide acceptance as a method of cleaning and restoring the surface of wood siding and decking prior to refinishing.