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sideways / боком, в сторону, вбок
sideways, sidelong, sideward, edgewise, sidewards, edgeways
в сторону
aside, sideways, apart, sideward, sidewards, sidelong
имя прилагательное
направленный в сторону
sideward, sidelong, sideways
to, toward, or from the side.
she tilted her body sideways
Suddenly, the cyclone rose up off the ground and tilted sideways toward them, looking like a long snake.
Camper has always had a sort of sideways commentary on politics.
Veon ran sideways , towards the pile of supplies by the ship's ramp.
When he saw her out in the garden he bounded out, did the sideways approach, all huffed up and brave, and was all ready to challenge her to a bit of mayhem.
Nick took a quick glance sideways to the other side of the rink, and immediately followed the example of the first man he saw.
She learned to scramble around and even run sideways , but not forward.
The Other Side Of Dunkirk takes a sideways look at an event that has been considered one of the finest feats in Britain's war-time history from a different point of view.
Downer has done his time in Foreign Affairs and could easily be moved sideways to the related defence portfolio.
Adrian gave her a sideways glance as they sat side by side in the sand on the beach and turned back to the face the ocean where the sun was starting to set into the water.
The book shelves slide forward, then sideways , and then back into the wall.