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sidewalk / тротуар, пешеходная дорожка
имя существительное
sidewalk, pavement, footpath, causeway, footway, sideway
пешеходная дорожка
footpath, sidewalk, footway, sideway
имя существительное
a paved path for pedestrians at the side of a road.
Proud old trees stood on the side of a large road, keeping the sidewalks in calming shade.
She stopped on the sidewalk as a small boutique on the other side of the street caught her eye.
Cuts in the infrastructure maintenance force roads into disrepair and sidewalks to crumble.
Riding on sidewalks and bike paths may also pose greater hazards to walkers and joggers.
Taxes help maintain roads and sidewalks , buy textbooks for schools, and pay for other programs.
It was a nice road with old brick and stone buildings with cobblestone roads and sidewalks .
Slowly, the building grew farther apart, the roads larger, and sidewalks less common.
A lot of the lower level roads and sidewalks along the water were closed.
He turned his eyes to the street in front of the garage, watching the pedestrians stroll down the sidewalks .
As you know there are still many roads that do not have sidewalks for pedestrians.
The sidewalks are for pedestrians and the streets are for vehicles, not for vendors.