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sidetrack / запасной путь, ветка
имя существительное
запасной путь
branch, siding, stick, limb, extension, sidetrack
откладывать рассмотрение
переводить на запасный путь
уводить в сторону
имя существительное
a minor path or track.
I've had to learn to see double, keeping the big ball rolling while juggling a full complement of sidetracks and minor emergencies.
cause (someone) to be distracted from an immediate or important issue.
he does not let himself get sidetracked by fads and trends
direct (a train) onto a branch line or siding.
Had it possibly been sidetracked for some reason in order to allow the slower train to go past?
If a sidetrack is made to bypass an obstruction while the surface and target locations remain the same this is called a mechanical sidetrack.
It wouldn't do to go off on a sidetrack when the important thing to get done was finding the baby.
The drilling of a well after a slot reclamation (which previously had a well) is considered a sidetrack .
The body of the text, arranged in three segments, provides links in the sidebar that may sidetrack the reader through related concepts in other segments.
We also install whipstocks to sidetrack wells, provide plugging and abandonment services, pipe recovery and wireline recovery services, foam services and casing patch installation.
That movement, and the debate surrounding it, could completely sidetrack the issue of public safety on Whyte Avenue.
It pulled out of here at 4:20, right on time, and made a quick run down across the meadows, intending to sidetrack at West Canaan for both passenger trains.
She was brought out of her weird sidetrack by a serious question.
Before we go on, however, allow me a quick sidetrack .
The dismissal comes after Tanaka's latest row with bureaucrats and their political backers threatened to sidetrack Koizumi's goal of economic reforms.