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sidestep / обходить, уклоняться, уступать дорогу
bypass, get round, skirt, evade, walk, sidestep
dodge, skew, avoid, shrink, evade, sidestep
уступать дорогу
give way to, make way, quarter, sidestep, fall back
имя существительное
шаг в сторону
step, footboard, running board, footstep, footplate, sidestep
step, stair, footstep, spoke, footboard, sidestep
имя существительное
a step taken sideways, typically to avoid someone or something.
With a parry and a sidestep , he deftly avoided the deadly club.
avoid (someone or something) by stepping sideways.
as she walked she sidestepped the many cracks in the pavement
It's two steps forward, one step backward, and then a sidestep .
Too crabby and distracted to pay attention to where he's walking, Greg barely manages to sidestep a pair of nurses wheeling a gurney down the hall.
Michelle threw another punch and took a sidestep .
Herman, though, counters with a sidestep and a karate chop.
The attendant stepped back and covered up his collision with the wall with a juddering sidestep .
Finally in the ward, I do an agile sidestep as a nurse strolls past, the syringe she has just administered an injection with held in front of her like a lance.
He nodded at the other officer and took a sidestep , a few inches too wide, and promptly crashed into Murphey's desk, sending the detective's telephone and family pictures sailing to the floor.
There she was, walking towards me down the hall, taking the effort to sidestep a few people she would usually probably have pushed between the middle of, and slowing her steps as she approached me, making me do the same.
If it's short, you can sidestep down the slope: face across the hill and step sideways down.
we learned how to sidestep up the slope and slide cautiously down