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sideshow / интермедия, вставной номер, пустяк
имя существительное
interlude, sideshow, intermezzo, parenthesis, turn
вставной номер
trifle, nothing, nonsense, trinket, little, sideshow
имя существительное
a small show or stall at an exhibition, fair, or circus.
The rest of the showground will be packed with funfair rides, sideshows and food stalls, with a live band and bar area.
They would do well not to celebrate what may be a minor sideshow while preparations for the main event continue.
What used to be an important event in the City's calendar is now a sideshow .
My personal opinion is that the whole issue's just a sideshow from what's really important.
Traditional wisdom has it that mass production relegated craft to an expensive sideshow , a distraction from the real needs to provide affordable products for the masses.
Over a mere five occurrences these transits of Venus had shifted from events of astronomical importance to a sideshow with mere curiosity value.
We already know the outcome of the election, give or take, but it is a mere sideshow compared to the importance of the referendum.
It is a sideshow , a massively expensive distraction from the main game.
asylum seeking in the west is a damaging and distracting sideshow
The media, of course, treats these incidents as an amusing sideshow , a bit of spice in an otherwise bland political soup.
A horse show and gymkhana, and a fun dog show proved popular, and there were crafts, charity stalls, sideshows and refreshments including a barbecue manned by Wootton Bassett Rotarians.