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sideline / боковая линия, побочная работа, боковая линия игрового поля
имя существительное
боковая линия
sideline, collateral relationship, touch-line
побочная работа
sideline, by-work, by-line
боковая линия игрового поля
имя существительное
an activity done in addition to one's main job, especially to earn extra income.
a sideline career as a stand-up comic
either of the two lines bounding the longer sides of a football field, basketball court, tennis court, or similar playing area.
You basically start out at half court, groups of two, and play one on one from the sideline to an imaginary line that divides the court.
cause (a player) to be unable to play on a team or in a game.
he has been sidelined for the last six weeks with a fractured wrist
It used to be a popular sideline for miners working shifts, but the collapse of the coal industry has been accompanied by a huge shortfall in retained firefighters.
He is a meteorologist in Florida with a sideline in helping lightning-strike victims.
Woodson was second on the scene and had a chance to two-hand-shove Crayton, who was tiptoeing along the sideline , out of bounds.
The Giants on the sideline raced onto the field to celebrate with the kickoff team, drawing an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, but the emotional lift seemed worth it.
Early in the fourth quarter, Holt ran a streak pattern down the left sideline .
He raced down to the left sideline before crossing into the path of Luther Watson.
This sort of problem would sideline a current player for at least a month, but Butch played through the pain.
My chauffeur from Edinburgh airport had even started a sideline in temporary accommodation for visiting golfers.
While pursuing his rock career, he had a sideline directing horror-inspired rock videos.
After serving in the Royal Navy in India, he went into business in Cambridge, with psychical research as his main sideline .