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sidelight / подфарник, боковой фонарь, отличительный огонь
имя существительное
боковой фонарь
отличительный огонь
имя существительное
a light placed at the side of something.
He in turn confers with Geronimo, the local stage tech and they work something out with sidelights .
a narrow window or pane of glass set alongside a door or larger window.
New French doors, sidelights , and transom windows also open the rear of the master-suite wing.
a piece of incidental information that helps to clarify or enliven a subject.
The author's researches have quarried further bits of biographical data and sometimes helpful sidelights and background information on various situations and personalities.
He's also the world's foremost authority on the Max Fleischer cartoon studio but that's more like an interesting sidelight .
An interesting sidelight in the enumerated statutes of the Hammurabi code is that there is no statute number 13 - - even in ancient Mesopotamia, 13 was considered to be an unlucky number that should be avoided.
He first saw one white masthead light of the CONTSHIP SUCCESS at a distance visually estimated at about 4.5 miles and he subsequently saw both masthead lights and the green sidelight at a distance estimated by radar at about 3.8 miles.
This isn't just some sidelight to the story or new detail.
Young's Bluecrest is the biggest seafood producer in the UK and has thrown an interesting sidelight on the debate about cod stocks.
In a little local sidelight , it was the Yuan dynasty that first started to breed horses in the Penghu archipelago for use in southern China.
Power and sailing vessels less than 20 meters in length may choose to install a single combination red/green sidelight at the bow.
A sidelight is shed by a broken inscription which archaeologists discovered some seventy years ago at Delphi.
He uses a sidelight to pick out the ridges and hollows of a Calla lily.
A curious sidelight on gourd-growing emerges from the reminiscences of Kinau Wilder, the niece of the botanist Gerrit Parmile Wilder.