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sidecar / коляска мотоцикла
имя существительное
коляска мотоцикла
sidecar, cycle-car
имя существительное
a small, low vehicle attached to the side of a motorcycle for carrying passengers.
There were heavy, two-ton personnel carriers, motorcycles with sidecars , and ceremonial sedans.
a cocktail of brandy and lemon juice with orange liqueur.
They have brought the 4 exhausts into one, with the pipe curling around the front of the sidecar and then going skywards.
Jeff Brown applies the accelerator as his Kellet CBR Honda 1000 sidecar exits a corner at Eastern Creek.
Unaware of this, Brenda manoeuvres him into asking her out, and for their first date he collects her in his motorcycle sidecar and heads out into the country with his binoculars.
Before he could protest, Raylaa had already disappeared into the porch, where the hideous sidecar and the motorcycle with the peeling red paint stood, worn down and decrepit.
At one point, you'll ride in a motorcycle sidecar , and soon after, on a boat.
Chariot's sidecar for bikes is ingenious, not only to its approach to mounting a sidecar to a bike, but also in its approach to the baby-transport problem in the first place.
Gus rides a new motorbike with sidecar , while Mark drives a gig.
My goal was to buy a WWII military bike with sidecar and ride it to work every day.
On Saturday, December 10, they will be bringing Santa to O'Connell Street in Sligo in a motorcycle sidecar .
It's like movie here, old, dose, shocking, the way we find, astonished, a perfectly preserved Nazi cycle and sidecar .