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side / сторона, бок, поверхность
имя существительное
side, party, hand, part, way, aspect
side, flank, hip, wall, sidepiece, side elevation
surface, area, side, superficies
имя прилагательное
side, lateral, collateral, branch, sidelong
side, incidental, collateral, secondary, indirect, lateral
примкнуть к
side with, side
быть на чьей-л. стороне
стать на чью-л. сторону
take part, take sides, side with, take the part of, take part with, side
имя существительное
a position to the left or right of an object, place, or central point.
a town on the other side of the river
an upright or sloping surface of a structure or object that is not the top or bottom and generally not the front or back.
a car crashed into the side of the house
a part or region near the edge and away from the middle of something.
a minivan was parked at the side of the road
a person or group opposing another or others in a dispute, contest, or debate.
the two sides agreed to resume border trade
support or oppose in a conflict, dispute, or debate.
he felt that Max had betrayed him by siding with Beatrice
provide with a side or sides; form the side of.
the hills that side a long valley
Partly Spanish by ancestry, he claimed descent on his father's side from the Scottish monarchy.
A side of pork or beef was cooked slowly in it, with new stones added throughout the cooking.
Generally, side dishes serve to add flavor to the rice rather than provide nutrients.
a side of a ship
the left side of the brain
he's built like the side of a house
a minivan was parked at the side of the road
It is spacious and bright, with windows looking onto the front and the side of the house.
The Big Top, thankfully, is up already: but a host of side tents are still being assembled.
it's on this side of Kildare