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sickly / болезненный, тошнотворный, нездоровый
имя прилагательное
painful, morbid, sickly, sore, diseased, unhealthy
nauseous, nauseating, sickening, sickly, faint, sickish
unhealthy, unwell, ill, indisposed, unwholesome, sickly
имя прилагательное
often ill; in poor health.
she was a thin, sickly child
(of a flavor, smell, color, or light) so unpleasant as to induce discomfort or nausea.
the walls were painted a sickly green
Not only that, but his formerly vibrant face was now marred by a sickly pallor and shadows under his eyes.
He was described as having ‘a sickly , pasty complexion’.
Her figure was thin from undernourishment and her complexion a morose sickly gray.
Scrawny and pale, with a mop of scruffy black hair and watery grey eyes, he looked sickly and weak.
Rumoured to be sickly , deformed and incapable of producing heirs, Carlos was widely held to have only a few years to live.
During the 19th century it had a reputation in Britain as a restorative food for invalids and sickly children, and was added to their diet in various forms.
The walls were the same sickly colour, the smell was the same of dense human aromas, and my feelings of determination and acceptance were one and the same.
Those with an aversion to sickly sentiment should look away now.
I support you for the comments you made, and am glad you haven't retracted your views on the sickly sentimentality which is demeaning and undermining the true Britishness of our country.
It displays the essence of Chopin's music that surely Fokine desired and rescues it from the sickly sentiment and yards of tulle that Les Sylphides usually heralds.