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sickle / серп
имя существительное
sickle, falx, hook, reaping hook, reaper
имя существительное
a short-handled farming tool with a semicircular blade, used for cutting grain, lopping, or trimming.
Most continued to use the same tools as their grandparents: scythes and sickles for reaping wheat and cutting grass, and wooden plows and harrows.
a crackling frost under a sickle moon
the bruise was a dull, greenish sickle of shadow
It took her two years to ask him out but a sickle moon and a small drop of ‘friendship’ helped.
I asked Ahmad Khan one night as we drank sweet tea, under a sickle moon white as a picked bone that hung in the sky above us.
Six people were injured in the latest clashes between the two neighborhoods on Thursday which saw the use of Molotov cocktails and sickles by both parties.
Some researchers speculate that the shift occurred after people began using sickles to cut down barley and other wild grasses.
Consistent with their agricultural roots, both dances, which are among the many competitive dances of Bagika and Bagalu, are often performed with farm implements such as hoes or sickles .
The weapons were cut up and remade into 4,000 hoes, sickles , shovels, and other garden implements for redistribution.
He was also responsible for linking the Druids to mistletoe, white robes, golden sickles , and herbal medicines, all of which are part of the popular perception of Druidism today.
The world looks on with bated breath as two old rivals get together moulding their swords into sickles and ploughshares.