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sickening / тошнотворный, отвратительный, чахлый
имя прилагательное
nauseous, nauseating, sickening, sickly, faint, sickish
disgusting, hideous, heinous, abominable, revolting, sickening
stunted, sickening, atrophied, reckling
имя прилагательное
causing or liable to cause a feeling of nausea or disgust.
a sickening stench of blood
make (someone) feel disgusted or appalled.
she was sickened by the bomb attack
become ill.
Dawson sickened unexpectedly and died in 1916
He grinned at this, though my heart gave a sickening little fearful lurch.
When a family loses someone close, all they have is the grave, it's their only comfort and it's a sickening thought that people out there are ruining graves.
At least a dozen times over the past two years I've heard the sickening thud and tortured tire screech that signals a fresh wreck at the intersection.
A bereaved couple have been left devastated after their stillborn baby's grave was destroyed in a sickening arson attack.
The limp body fell to the ground with a sickening thud, splattering blood all over the road.
Suddenly, there's a bright yellow flash, a sickening thud as the shock waves explode and shards of glass scream past your face.
Coun Irwin said he was ‘horrified’ when he discovered the sickening material on the parish council's site.
These buildings had produced the most sickening and horrific ashes and smoke in existence, and now they were where the thief was hiding.
I bit back the urge to scream, as the wind whistled past my face and I braced myself for a sickening thud and terrible landing.
I winced each time it came down with a sickening thud into the gory mass.