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sicken / болеть, пресытиться, заболевать
hurt, be ill, ache, pain, sicken, ail
sicken, be through
make (someone) feel disgusted or appalled.
she was sickened by the bomb attack
become ill.
Dawson sickened unexpectedly and died in 1916
Most of all, of course, health care providers cannot make a profit if they have to treat people who cannot pay, which means they would have to let such people sicken or die instead of helping them.
That they seem to have done it for propaganda purposes must sicken all reasonable.
Do not let the sheep eat from the grass for they will sicken and die.
Their infection spreads quickly: those who initially survive their bites inevitably sicken and die within hours, only to resurrect within seconds.
People sicken and die every year, many of them children.
I am glad I am 72, because modern day people's attitudes sicken me.
His pilgrimage is dogged by calamity, as oxen sicken and die, the cart carrying the bell catches fire, and waifs and strays join his tattered procession.
Even on a tropical island, dinosaurs would sicken and die eventually.
How can a rich country like ours invade a country and then allow its own people to sicken and die for the lack of even basic medicines?
The reports about investigations into alleged postal vote fraud must sicken every person in the city who believes in the democratic system.