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sickbed / постель больного
имя существительное
постель больного
имя существительное
an invalid's bed (often used to refer to the state or condition of being an invalid).
he had climbed from his sickbed to help the club
When he unhelpfully insisted on surviving, the multi-talented Borgias produced brother Cesare to strangle him in his sickbed .
All a man needs when he's in his sickbed is a little sympathy, a little caring and a little consideration - and that's ALL I got.
‘Look at this picture,’ she says of a photo taken in Kahlo's last years, of Rivera visiting her sickbed .
Ministers had been ordered back from abroad and one MP told to leave his sickbed to avoid such humiliation.
Removing or diminishing support now would be more akin to violently smothering someone in their sickbed than simply letting them die ‘gracefully.’
Some students are still in hospital or their sickbed , while others have gone back in wheelchairs or using walking sticks.
On Wednesday, I hauled myself off my sickbed , took a lot of drugs and got on the train to Edinburgh.
he had climbed from his sickbed to help the club
Four years ago as he waited for his liver transplant, the seriously ill ex-international left his sickbed to attend a game against Spain, and to go onto the pitch with youngsters to promote peace and harmony.
he had climbed from his sickbed to help the club