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sic / так
so, that, like, thus, like this, sic
used in brackets after a copied or quoted word that appears odd or erroneous to show that the word is quoted exactly as it stands in the original, as in a story must hold a child's interest and “enrich his [ sic ] life.”.
set a dog or other animal on (someone).
the plan was to surprise the heck out of the grizzly by sicking the dog on him
How could this be the same politician who a decade later would sic James Watt on the nation's wilderness and prairies?
But,’ he added, ‘if you keep calling me all these fruity nicknames, I'm going to sic Luci on you.’
You know, my agent called me up and said, ‘There's a show they're going to sic dogs on people.’
It will be interesting to see whom Billy Donovan chooses to sic Brewer on , but whoever it is probably won't have too comfortable a night.
Leah was jealous of how good you were for a beginner, and decided to sic Kat on you.
As usual, I had to sic Timothy on her to get her to tell us anything, much less support her position.