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sibyl / предсказательница, колдунья
имя существительное
sibyl, sybil
witch, sorceress, enchantress, hag, sibyl, wise woman
имя существительное
a woman in ancient times supposed to utter the oracles and prophecies of a god.
Looking on are the prophets and sibyls , the mysterious seers of man's tragedy.
The opposite of an oracle in many ways is a sibyl .
The outlaws, aided by an old sibyl , defeat the castle's forces, and it burns to the ground.
They inquire of ancient apocalyptic books and oracles, of sibyls and divines, who remembered the future and predicted it in the past: an exercise in retroactive foresight.
These centrally located narratives are surrounded by alternating images of prophets and sibyls on marble thrones, by other Old Testament subjects and by the ancestors of Christ.
She is a story teller and through telling stories discovers new meanings, like the ancient forerunners of her profession - the pythonesses, abbesses and sibyls who ‘revealed mysteries’.
As they were thought to have made prophecies in pagan times, the classic sibyls are shown just above and below the central panels.
Carstens's Necessity is generally reminiscent of Michelangelo's sibyls , more specifically perhaps of the elderly Persica.
I have a chapter on Shakespeare and Macbeth; there's the chapter about Ancient Greece, a chapter about Delphi and sibyls in Grecian-Roman times.
Looking on are the prophets and sibyls , the mysterious seers of man's tragedy.
In 1512-13 Raphael painted above the entrance arch of the Chigi chapel in S. Maria del Popolo a fresco with sibyls and prophets.