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sibling / родной брат, родная сестра, единоутробный брат
имя существительное
родной брат
sibling, blood brother, full brother, whole brother
родная сестра
full sister, sibling, German sister
единоутробный брат
uterine brother, sibling, half-brother
имя существительное
each of two or more children or offspring having one or both parents in common; a brother or sister.
I do not know if there were any other siblings or if their parents had any brothers or sisters.
A man came to load it onto the bus as we ran to find Ranwen's parents and siblings .
This pattern is matched by the way in which the siblings of one's parents are named.
You will need help at some point, ask parents, siblings , teachers and friends for support.
And the death of a younger sibling is a different thing to the death of a parent.
The emphasis was on caring for the sick brother or sister and often the sibling got left in the shadows.
My brothers middle name is Paul, the name my missing sibling would have had.
If you do not have children or parents then siblings or further removed relatives may benefit.
His brother Craig was also a junior referee and their younger sibling , Neil, won the bronze in his group.
You may wish for them to observe you as parents or older siblings while they use it.
Insurers wanted to know more about what our parents died from and our siblings suffered with.