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shyster / стряпчий по темным делам
имя существительное
стряпчий по темным делам
имя существительное
a person, especially a lawyer, who uses unscrupulous, fraudulent, or deceptive methods in business.
So now, six years in, what should these shysters , lawyers, and purveyors of vacuous mediocrity do next?
this guy makes used-car salesmen and shyster real-estate agents look good
The refugee issue comes down to a shyster pointing out with one hand those people over there who will harm you, while dipping the other hand into the pocket of the xenophobicly distracted.
He's a shyster , they say, ripping off poor uneducated country folk with his mumbo-jumbo, and luring a stream of young girls into his bed.
The defense painted the accuser's mother as a shakedown shyster .
And some would call him a big, you know, phony and a shyster .
Ellis claims that the deceased shyster forgave him several months' rent that Harry now tries to collect.
Today many of the players earn huge amounts of money, and in place of the local shyster looking for a little glory, you have the multinational capitalist looking for huge profits.
an ambulance-chasing shyster
I put myself out on the line for this guy, and he was nothing but a shyster with a slick lawyer.
I was under no obligation to serve anything to the other party whatsoever, and if they had any complaints then they should take it up with the shyster .