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shuttlecock / волан, бадминтон, предмет споров
имя существительное
shuttlecock, volant
badminton, shuttlecock
предмет споров
двигаться вперед-назад
shuttle, reciprocate, shuttlecock
имя существительное
a cork to which feathers are attached to form a cone shape, or a similar object of plastic, struck with rackets in the games of badminton and battledore.
There were also some children who, perhaps intrigued by badminton star Nigelia Saunders' Olympic debut, used their purple plastic rackets to knock shuttlecocks over a purple and lime-green net to each other.
She let out a dry laugh and I hit the shuttlecock , then she ran to meet it, maintaining the rally in silence for a few seconds before continuing.
Cann returned her serve and Hughes stood back, waiting and hoping the shuttlecock would drop the wrong side of the white line.
In the first two sets, Sony could not free himself from Bao's pressure and failed to return the shuttlecock to Bao's court.
They tend to let the shuttlecock play them instead of attacking it.
Like a fencer, I lunged forwards then soared into the air to meet the shuttlecock .
The left-handed Wong took the first game quickly at 7-1 with his accurate shots as Marlev made too many unforced errors, sending the shuttlecock to the net or behind Wong's line.
And I had the chance to finish off the match when I was leading 17-14 and my opponent hit a lame return, only for me to smack the shuttlecock into the net.
Adults still play a game with a shuttlecock made out of corn.
He picked up the shuttlecock and we soon started a game, chatting amiably as we played.
The Indonesians became increasingly desperate, illustrated by a misunderstanding at 10-13 as both men were wrong-footed as the shuttlecock landed in the middle of the court.