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shuttle / Шаттл, челнок, затвор шлюза
имя существительное
shuttle, space shuttle
shuttle, canoe
затвор шлюза
shuttle, sluice
пригородный автобус
shuttle bus, shuttle, local
пригородный поезд
local train, shuttle train, shuttle, local
имя прилагательное
двигать вперед-назад
shuttle, reciprocate
двигаться вперед-назад
shuttle, reciprocate, shuttlecock
имя существительное
a wooden device with two pointed ends holding a bobbin, used for carrying the weft thread between the warp threads in weaving.
Different colored silks and metal threads have their own separate shuttles and are painstakingly worked backwards and forwards through the warps to create the complex design bands at each end of the textile.
travel regularly between two or more places.
he shuttled between Manhattan and Silicon Valley
The council wants the Commonhead park and ride system to save costs by taking advantage of the existing shuttle bus service operating from the hospital.
They would then shuttle to and fro between the combat fleets and London, relaying information and directives.
A ferry will still shuttle you and your car to Ryer Island.
In the event of an emergency on the launch pad, the astronauts can evacuate the shuttle up to 30 seconds before launch.
Free ferries shuttle pedestrians across the channel when the bridge is open.
Suppose the shuttle sprang a leak and began losing its air supply.
Visitors parked about 75 cars there to use the shuttle bus service to the memorial ceremony at the crash site.
In the meantime, the private players will go on finetuning the facilities they offer to regulars who shuttle between these cities.
The ferries that used to shuttle area residents along the river stopped in the 1950s when a highway cut the neighborhood off from the waterfront.
I readied myself just behind the service line and kicked off as soon as the shuttle touched my racket.