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shutdown / выключение, закрытие, закрытие системы
имя существительное
shutdown, release
closing, closure, close, shutdown, shutoff, dissolution
закрытие системы
имя существительное
a closure of a factory or system, typically a temporary closure due to a malfunction or for maintenance.
Planned temporary shutdowns of Ford assembly plants in August will affect close to 8,000 workers.
It would now become common practice for the plant from now on to undertake an annual shutdown for maintenance.
A Brentwood health club is spearheading a campaign to encourage children to shutdown their computers and get fit.
the build-up was pushing the reactor towards shutdown
engines should be allowed to cool down between a shutdown and the next start
Production at the refinery ceased on September 25, when the routine maintenance shutdown began.
Owen shutdown his computer and took his tea to the couch in the living room.
It was unable to book crew flight assignments because of the computer shutdown .
When the port is closed for the last time you can do the proper hardware shutdown and free any allocated memory.
Yet cuts including ward closures, the shutdown of operating theatres and recruitment freezes are still happening across the region.
The breakdown was caused by the automatic shutdown of an overheated transformer.