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shut / закрывать, закрываться, запираться
close, cover, shut, shut down, shut up, close down
close, shut, close up, rise, overcast
shut, latch, fasten
имя прилагательное
closed, close, enclosed, shut, covered, hooded
locked, shut, closed, pent, under lock and key
move (something) into position so that it blocks an opening.
shut the window, please
the door shut behind him
Vincenzo closes and locks the door, and shuts the drapes.
He shut the cellar door and we heard him push the boxes and rugs over it.
Rochdale Council's Education Department is proposing to shut Alf Kaufman School in Norden next September.
she slammed the door shut
The pages began to move, but Lombard shut the book before he could see what his question had conjured.
Businesses that were shut in the afternoon have reopened, and it's looking like things are slowly getting back to normal.
Last year, the board announced it would be shutting the Scottish Churches Open College, which offers a range of diploma and degree courses.
What would you do if I shut you outside, to stand in the rain and catch cold so you died?
The inquest heard the crossing is closed off by an iron gate either side of the railway track which are opened and shut by motorists as they pass through.