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shush / утихомирить, замолчать, заставить замолчать
fall silent, sign off, clam, shush, say no more, cease talking
заставить замолчать
silence, shut up, squelch, gag, compel silence, shush
stop, shush
tell or signal (someone) to be silent.
she shushed him with a wave
move with or make a soft swishing or rustling sound.
I stood to watch a big liner shushing slowly past
be quiet.
“Shush! Do you want to wake everyone?”
имя существительное
an utterance of “shush”.
the thumps were followed by shushes from the aunts
a soft swishing or rustling sound.
There were a few shushes from the people around us and quickly shushed up, diverting out attention back to the movie.
Beth told her to shush
Instead I lifted a single finger at him as if to shush him.
Rolling her eyes impatiently, ‘Oh, shush , will you!;
I scrambled to shush her, but this is my sister's regular speaking voice. She sat down and looked around.
Now shush and plug in the hair dryer - I've got some hair to toss!
Lily started to speak but Joe raised one finger to shush her.
She glared at the well-built wrestler and decided against hurting him, ‘Oh shush !’
Beth told her to shush
The doormen actually intercept approaching revellers in the street outside the club, asking them to shush .
‘Oh shush ,’ his mother scolded him before pointing at his food.