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shun / избегать, остерегаться, гнушаться
avoid, shun, escape, evade, steer clear of, eschew
beware, shun, watch out, guard, keep away, eschew
shun, disdain
persistently avoid, ignore, or reject (someone or something) through antipathy or caution.
he shunned fashionable society
So by claiming to shun public attention he evades confrontations and intensifies public curiosity.
People don't know what to do with their pain and so they shun them and they are then left alone in their pain.
It's a case of the more you attempt to avoid a public or shun publicity, the more it makes you enigmatic.
Also a divorced woman was shunned by society and treated as an outcast.
The country people were shunning the fruit because flies, which settled on dead rabbits with myxomatosis, also alighted on brambles.
She shuns her friends' rules and game-playing ideas from the start.
He now lives a quiet, reclusive life in rural Cheshire, with wife Christine, shunning the media spotlight.
Written, directed and co-starring Jon Favreau, this film tells the story of a boxer who shuns the mob to pursue his boxing dreams.
There is a small section of society that shuns the capitalistic ways of their fellow man.
Because if society shuns them and refuses to hire them, then what are they left with besides more crime?