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shuffle / тасовать, шаркать, перемешивать
shuffle, make, riffle
mix, jumble, agitate, medley, shuffle, intermix
имя существительное
shuffling, shuffle, scrape, scuffle
shuffle, make
movement, displacement, motion, transfer, relocation, shuffle
имя существительное
a shuffling movement, walk, or sound.
there was a shuffle of approaching feet
an act of shuffling a deck of cards.
Those that use a constant shuffle certainly negate card counting.
a piece of equivocation or subterfuge.
walk by dragging one's feet along or without lifting them fully from the ground.
I stepped into my skis and shuffled to the edge of the steep slope
rearrange (a deck of cards) by sliding the cards over each other quickly.
What if you shuffled a pack of cards thoroughly and turned over the top 10 cards and they were all red?
get out of or avoid a responsibility or obligation.
some hospitals can shuffle off their responsibilities by claiming to have no suitable facilities
the control lets you shuffle or skip songs by flicking the phone with your wrist
‘I Send My Love to You’ starts slowly but is rescued by a rockabilly shuffle .
Whittred, previously the minister of state for Intermediate, Long-term and Home Care, was the other North Shore loser in the cabinet shuffle .
There was one last shuffle of positions as they prepared for another legendary story.
There sounded a slight shuffle before the blonde-haired beauty appeared, dress now slightly wrinkled though just as pretty.
Amy moved in something between a death-row shuffle and a proud march as Hart sidled close to her, ears leveled with uncertainty.
it's the usual blend of boogie, shuffle, and ballad
Behind us, a middle-aged couple began to dance, a gentle rhythmic shuffle which seemed to catch on amongst the audience.
You can shake it to shuffle songs and turn it sideways to watch music and flick through album covers.
It drives them crazy, because it is a lot of responsibility to be all things to all people, and you can lose yourself in the shuffle , where there are no longer 52 cards in the deck.