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shrug / пожимание плечами
имя существительное
пожимание плечами
пожимать плечами
pull, twitch, yank, jerk, pull at, shrug
drag, pull, haul, lug, tug, shrug
имя существительное
an act or instance of shrugging one's shoulders.
she gave him a dismissive shrug
a woman's close-fitting cardigan or jacket, cut short at the front and back so that only the arms and shoulders are covered.
Also key is quirky detail: a velvet ribbon tied at the waist of a jacket; a fur shrug worn over a sloppy knit; a brooch or a corsage fastening a cardigan.
raise (one's shoulders) slightly and momentarily to express doubt, ignorance, or indifference.
Jimmy looked inquiringly at Pete, who shrugged his shoulders
What was anticipated as a big fat Greek embrace turned instead into a casual shrug of the shoulders.
Bryce hitched one shoulder in a shrug and reached for a fork.
Try a furry shrug or caplet or anything with some feathers.
He shunted away her protests with a shrug of his shoulders.
For the third time, I rolled my eyes adding a shrug of my shoulders.
I turn a touch, stopped in my tracks, to see the bar-manager shrug his shoulder in subdued agreement.
‘You're not going to stop me,’ Tamora replied with a shrug of her shoulders.
All this we could handle with a mere shrug of the shoulders and a wry grin if only the sun were out and the sky was blue.
In recent years, security while backpacking has sadly become too great an issue to dismiss with a shrug .
Greer grunted again, accompanying the sound with a short shrug and a jerk of the head.