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shrubbery / кустарник, аллея, кустарниковая заросль
имя существительное
bush, shrub, scrub, shrubbery, brushwood, boscage
alley, avenue, walkway, lane, alleyway, shrubbery
кустарниковая заросль
имя существительное
shrubs collectively.
Care should be taken when designing roses into the landscape which are next to solid structures like fences, buildings or even large, dense shrubbery .
There in front of the ever-present conifer shrubbery , I worked a bag of composted cow manure into the ground.
Mother was a very keen gardener and under her supervision we grew all our own vegetables and looked after the flower garden and shrubbery .
We start our vigil crouched between miserably cold boulders, invisible save for a few tiny peepholes in dense shrubbery .
Mature lawns surround Lakefield House while the manageable garden also features a shrubbery and rockeries as well as the two patio areas.
Fiona was lodged between the building and James, her left shoulder buried in the dirt while musty shrubbery hovered precariously above her.
Amid the shallow valley trees and tangled, sickly shrubbery was a massive boulder that had in ages past been cast down from a nearby rocky mount.
I froze a moment and then ducked into some nearby shrubbery .
The night wind howled, whipping at tree branches and shrubbery .
If it is dense enough, shrubbery can provide a home to ground-nesting birds such as doves and thrushes as well as small mammals like rabbits.
Cleanliness and trash pickup are ongoing maintenance jobs, as is the upkeep of public gardens, shrubbery and flowers.