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shrub / кустарник, куст
имя существительное
bush, shrub, scrub, shrubbery, brushwood, boscage
bush, shrub, cluster
имя существительное
a woody plant that is smaller than a tree and has several main stems arising at or near the ground.
It is a good time to plant bare rooted shrubs and trees while the weather stays mild and the ground is still workable.
a drink made of sweetened fruit juice and liquor, typically rum or brandy.
a slightly acid cordial made from fruit juice and water.
The islands are very rich floristically, with a high proportion of shrubs and other woody forms.
Another excellent performer is Sorbus kewensis, a slow-growing, shrubby tree with great clusters of luscious fruits.
This is a tranquil space which is sheltered by trees and has a vast array of shrubs and plants.
In association with recent regional warming, moist tundra has become more shrubby , and trees are increasing in density and expanding into tundra near the arctic treeline.
It stands in wooded ground which contains a variety of shrubs , plants and bulbs.
Golden-winged Warbler territories usually included a shrubby field with patches of herbs and shrubs, a field-forest ecotone and adjacent forest.
One of the best of these sparsely vegetated, shrubby habitats is found on the western slopes of BlackJack Mountain.
We passed the grove of young trees and clumps of shrubs , and came to the place where the ground began to fall away.
Individual trees and shrubs were selected at random from each sub-plot of each forest stand.
Now the slope is softened and the garden planted with fine ornamental trees and shrubs .