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shrivel / высыхать, сморщиваться, съеживаться
dry, dry up, shrivel, run dry, desiccate, parch up
shrivel, shrink, corrugate, curl up
cringe, cower, shrivel, huddle, crumple, huddle together
wither, fade, wilt, languish, shrivel, wizen
shrink, contract, collapse, tighten, cower, shrivel
wrinkle and contract or cause to wrinkle and contract, especially due to loss of moisture.
the flowers simply shriveled up
Some believe in a God who is indifferent to the world and when they find themselves alone as all of us do at some time or other, they shrivel up and die inside from the indifference they feel in the world around them.
Fresh walnuts are simply walnuts that have been recently picked from the tree, as opposed to walnuts that have been stored for a while, causing their insides to shrivel and dry up.
Everything comes and goes: the plump grapes shrivel or rot; the baby power can fly away in an errant breeze.
FDR and Churchill led the world against Hitler, but it may have taken a Jewish comedian, Mel Brooks, to shrivel him to comic insignificance in The Producers.
For a second, Curri-San thought they must be near some kind of underground lake of some kind, but then what he heard next made his heart wrench and his stomach shrivel inside of him.
I felt my insides curl and shrivel into oblivion.
He wasn't going to completely ruin her night, even if something inside of her continued to shrivel and die whenever he sent his blazing gaze in her direction.
As if Mr. Asa could read my thoughts, he bowed his head, then looked up at me with moist eyes, and I felt something shrivel inside.
I'll just wither and wane under all that pressure and shrivel up inside until I'm microscopic.
Place in a hot oven for 20 minutes or until they just begin to shrivel and blacken on the outside but are still juicy inside.