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shrink / сокращаться, сжиматься, сокращать
shrink, contract, shorten, dwindle, depopulate, close in
shrink, contract, collapse, tighten, cower, shrivel
cut, reduce, shrink, abbreviate, contract, prune
имя существительное
shrinkage, shrink, shrinking, contraction
сокращение в объеме
имя существительное
a clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, or psychotherapist.
you should see a shrink
become or make smaller in size or amount; contract or cause to contract.
the workforce has shrunk to less than a thousand
move back or away, especially because of fear or disgust.
she shrank away from him, covering her face
I found a shrink in the hospital who specialized in treating survivors of prostitution and pornography.
Going to a counselor or a shrink was out of the question.
When you put them down on paper, your fears shrink .
The other man is a shrink at a local psychiatric hospital.
Lela felt her face pale and her pupils shrink in fear, and she slowly put her project aside.
Technically, silk does not shrink like other fibers.
I encouraged people not to shrink in fear and self-protection, but be unusually visionary and ethical.
Whether it's going off to college or dumping your shrink , I think that's part of the healthy growing process.
With a good referral, you can get to a shrink with expertise in this area, and you'll be back in the boudoir in no time.
She had radiation to shrink the size of the tumor.