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shrine / храм, святыня, рака
имя существительное
temple, church, shrine, sanctuary, fane, tabernacle
shrine, holy, sanctity, religion
shrine, reliquary, feretory, tabernacle, sanctum
tomb, sepulcher, shrine, reliquary, cist, entombment
благоговейно хранить
имя существительное
a place regarded as holy because of its associations with a divinity or a sacred person or relic, typically marked by a building or other construction.
On these days they do not enter temples or home shrines , or approach holy men.
It's all about buying the best animals here, but the posh dining room on the top floor is truly a shrine to meat of good provenance.
The shrine 's niche was full of so many old flowers I couldn't even see which saint was in it.
The fourth was a temple of a goal, a shrine to what this team was all about.
The government mounted a new Operation in May 1988 to displace these bandits from the holy shrine .
There is a new statue in the shrine , larger and gold-plated.
the medieval pilgrim route to the shrine of St James
Family and friends have created a shrine to the memory of two teenagers killed in a road accident at Nursling.
He will surely walk out from what is now a family apartment located in part of a wing of the Umaid Bhawan Palace, the largest palace in all of India, and a shrine to all that is Art Deco.
The parade left Fred's home in Radcliffe Road, a shrine to his love of industry, at 11 am.
When pilgrims and the holy men of the shrine gathered to hear Guru Nanak and question him, he sang in Persian.