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shrimp / креветка, козявка, ничтожный человечек
имя существительное
ничтожный человечек
ловить креветок
shrimp, go shrimping, prawn
имя существительное
a small free-swimming crustacean with an elongated body, typically marine and frequently harvested for food.
While blue whales may occasionally feed on pelagic crabs and small fishes, their diet is almost exclusively euphausiid shrimps commonly called krill.
fish for shrimp.
a shrimping net
For the many children participating it was a good opportunity to get close to mitten crabs, shrimp , fresh water mussels and even eels, as well as to a lot of deliciously slithery mud!
They eat tiny organisms, such as mysid shrimp , that they find close to the ocean floor.
They were fed a diet of commercial shrimp pellets every third day.
I got some groceries, but I also got some of those shrimp they have under heat lamps near the aisles.
Eumalacostraca is the group that contains most of the animals the general public recognize as crustaceans, such as shrimp , crabs, lobsters.
The development of his theory began in 1994, when Andrew persuaded a film crew to film seed shrimp he'd caught off the Manly coast.
The seadragon's diet consists of mysid shrimp and other small crustaceans.
Are you sure you want to hang out with that shrimp ?
The trip north is slow for the cow-calf pair because of stops for nursing and the occasional meal of mysid shrimp or other food encountered.
I can handle a shrimp like him any time