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shriek / визг, пронзительный крик, скрежет
имя существительное
squeal, screech, shriek, scream, yelp, yelping
пронзительный крик
shriek, scream, squawk, yell, squeal, squall
grinding, gritting, rasp, shriek, skirr
yell, scream, cry, wail, shriek, holler
squeal, shrill, screech, yelp, shriek, squall
scream, cry out, shriek
имя существительное
a high-pitched piercing cry or sound; a scream.
shrieks of laughter
utter a high-pitched piercing sound or words, especially as an expression of terror, pain, or excitement.
the audience shrieked with laughter
With a shriek he doubled over, clutching at his calf, and rolled off his horse into the road.
The color draining from his cheeks, Shanza floundered for an answer but was interrupted when a shrill shriek cried out across the room.
That night, however, siren followed siren, loud and close, one winding down only to hear the rising shriek of another.
Nightmares flowed like fever, syncopated by the twitch of a neon light outside and the rhythmic clatter of the air-con, punctuated by the shriek of car horns.
The boy started to scream, not a yell of pain but a high-pitched shriek of panic that reminded me of a rabbit's death throes, which reminded me that I was hungry.
I opened my mind with the intention of seeing my past, when an eagle's shriek close by interrupted my concentration.
This time Rebecca did scream, a high-pitched shriek that split the silence of the night, and she turned tail to flee.
Alexis screamed in fear and panic, the piercing shriek echoing throughout the empty library.
He heard the shriek of the gale, the clanking of the flag against its mast, the jangling of the jailers chain and his heavy footfall.
Now maybe it'll go away - It let out a high-pitched shriek and Robyn screamed, now fully awake.