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shredder / бумагорезательная машина
имя существительное
бумагорезательная машина
имя существительное
a machine or other device for shredding something, especially documents.
In general, all garden shredders have a high watt motor and come with silent crushing system.
a musician who plays a very fast, intricate style of rock lead guitar.
the guitarists are skilled, but not the fastest shredders around
a snowboarder.
When not on the snow , this 16-year-old shredder can be found refining his skating style.
In the blusterless world of modern indie rock, she's something of an anomaly: an honest-to-God shredder .
It consisted of a father and son who had a truck with a shredder on it.
The DVD / CD shredder is a no-brainer to use and requires no technical knowledge of any kind.
His bro Kurt's a pro snow shredder .
A conveyor then drops the cheese down into the shredder where a set of knives spin at a high rate of speed to shred the product.
The DVD / CD shredder is able to destroy data at a very fast rate - up to 30 DVD / CDs a minute.
Along with a few shredder friends, I saw him perform at a local guitar shop.
Urschel Laboratories Inc. designs and manufactures cheese shredders .
They now have a bigger incinerator and have invested in fine shredders .
An early example of 'shredding', but with a sense of melody that most shredders lack.