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showy / эффектный, показной, кричащий
имя прилагательное
spectacular, effective, showy, dramatic, glamor, glamorous
ostentatious, flashy, specious, showy, ostensible, garish
screaming, flashy, crying, glaring, showy, garish
имя прилагательное
having a striking appearance or style, typically by being excessively bright, colorful, or ostentatious.
showy flowers
Jimmy Carter was not a flashy or showy President, but history judges him as one of America's greatest.
Extravagantly showy and ostentatious work is pretentious when the merit it demands is unjustified.
H. sanguinea ‘Splish-Splash’ is one with showy foliage and bright, showy rose flowers.
It seems an excessively showy , very nearly butler-ish display of reticence on everyone's part.
Walking along a river's bend your eye is drawn to a rather large tree with showy white flowers.
A variety popular because of its distinctive salmon pink colour is Marcus Graham, which features large, showy double flowers.
It's yellow-green really because the plants are flowering now, but they're not showy flowers.
I started using perennials and color bowls to add a vibrant rainbow of showy flowers.
So it's usually a success if you can see that it's sort of not a showy restaurant, and you feel like someone wants to sit across the table and enjoy dinner with you.
The males are bright and showy while the hens are conservatively dressed.