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showpiece / экспонат
имя существительное
exhibit, showpiece, exponent
имя существительное
something that attracts attention or admiration as an outstanding example of its type.
the factory has expanded and become a showpiece of American industry
The 8pm concert ends with a virtuoso showpiece for clarinet and piano, Weber's Grand Duo Concertante in E flat.
It is hoped the overhaul will make the museum a showpiece regional attraction which will bring thousands more visitors to the area.
Pride at this Highland showpiece event was tangible in the faces of directors and supporters alike before the game.
The slow movement is lovely (although never completely relaxed), and the finale is treated as a virtuoso showpiece .
The Wiltshire Buildings Record is running the course on local furniture and interior styles as its showpiece event for this year.
When male spotted bowerbirds collect sticks and other doodads to wow females, these natural interior decorators don't search for the rare showpiece , according to a new study.
This year they turned to Bellini, staging Norma, generally regarded as one of the composer's finest bel canto masterpieces, and not so long ago a showpiece for Maria Callas.
The custom-made instrument is the showpiece attraction at Manchester's newest music shop and has been attracting crowds.
It's quite a showpiece in the centre and illustrates to children what nature can do.
John has announced his resignation after a showpiece event ran up losses of millions of dollars.