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showman / шоумен, балаганщик
имя существительное
имя существительное
a person who produces or presents shows as a profession, especially the proprietor, manager, or MC of a circus, fair, or other variety show.
Mr Birch's father was a showman travelling with fairs, while his mother joined the circus when she was 15.
Yimou has the eye of a painter, the grace of a dancer and the flamboyance of a circus showman .
Dillon was still the consummate showman and since he wasn't obligated to perform his back catalogue, he was able to be himself.
This is a showman who loves the performance for its own sake, not just for the status this case will bring him.
Pete is a born entertainer and showman , thriving on being on stage with the audience under his control.
Mr Birch, 29, is the son of a fairground showman and spent his formative years touring fair sites around Yorkshire.
It's fair to say that Cowell makes great telly, and a day on the LA set of his show offers ample first-hand evidence of what a brilliant showman he is.
Blackton had failed to keep up with developments in film technique and his films were dramatically unsophisticated, but he was an expert showman .
He was brash, extremely talented and a showman to the press and public, and for him running was an escape from a life that he would have spent working on a farm with his abusive father.
Like all the best teachers, he was a great showman and his grand round presentations were occasionally enhanced with giant home made models of parasites and their vectors.
Since a showman has to play a variety of roles in order to make a living, Johnny augmented his repertoire with sideshow lecturing, fire eating, and swallowing swords and neon tubes.