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showgirl / статистка, певичка на выходах
имя существительное
showgirl, supernumerary, figurante, extra lady
певичка на выходах
имя существительное
an actress who sings and dances in musicals, variety acts, and similar shows.
She's been a showgirl , and an actress in the 1930s and 40s, when it was still risqué.
She's been a showgirl , and an actress in the 1930s and 40s, when it was still risqué.
Tell him I got socked in the face by the boyfriend of a Vegas showgirl and I'm too embarrassed to show him my black eye, that he'll believe.
She's a courtesan showgirl who dreams of being a real actress, we're told rather clumsily.
As our two heroes attempt to avoid capture they get themselves involved in the backstage and on-stage lives of showgirls , divas and more.
The judge left behind important friends, a seemingly puzzled wife, envelopes full of money, a loose affiliation with political figures under indictment and, it became clear, the affection of several Broadway showgirls .
Las Vegas Sands Macau brought in Las Vegas showgirls to kick off its grand opening today, but its owners have lined up even better-endowed partners behind the scenes.
Glamorous Las Vegas-style showgirls dancing on stage will welcome select guests to the opening of the £7 million Opera House Casino in Scarborough on Wednesday.
Topless showgirls certainly aren't new to Vegas.
I love the Busby Berkeley showgirls of the 30s great musicals.
Press reports described the $1 million party as a wild, indulgent free-for-all, studded with shiny, red Ferraris, feathered showgirls and an Egyptian theme.