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shower / душ, ливень, поток
имя существительное
shower, douche, shower bath
shower, downpour, rainfall, cloudburst, deluge, torrent
flow, stream, flux, current, flood, shower
shower, heap, cover, load, pepper, inundate
принимать душ
shower, douche
water, shower
имя существительное
a brief and usually light fall of rain, hail, sleet, or snow.
It was very cold with light snow showers , sleet and rain, but the pitch, despite being heavy, was in remarkably good condition.
an enclosure in which a person stands under a spray of water to wash.
A tall slim black headed woman stood in the shower washing herself off after her day of work.
a party at which presents are given to someone, typically a woman who is about to get married or have a baby.
she loved going to baby showers
(of a mass of small things) fall or be thrown in a shower.
bits of broken glass showered over me
wash oneself in a shower.
Water for basic household tasks like washing, showering and toilet facilities proved impossible when the taps in more than 200 households suddenly went dry.
I stood under the shower and let cool water run through my hair and down my body.
a shower of dust sprinkled his face
The fully tiled en suite bathroom includes an electric shower , wash basin set in a ceramic storage unit and a toilet.
The gentle hum of the shower slowly vibrated the particles from her body where they were absorbed by the thin mist forming near her feet.
A picture slid sideways from the wall and exploded in a shower of glass.
Going to my sister-in-law's baby shower wasn't exactly my idea of a well-spent afternoon.
It was not unusual then to see a shower of swirling blossoms fall softly on the hair of many a beautiful girl as she made her way to the dancing board.
A tall slim black headed woman stood in the shower washing herself off after her day of work.
Some tracks shower the circle with confetti when the driver gets out of his car.
I have finished knitting the little matinee jacket and matching cap for the Wednesday baby shower .