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showcase / витрина
имя существительное
showcase, glass case, window, shopwindow, case, shopfront
demonstrate, show, display, showcase
имя существительное
a glass case used for displaying articles in a store or museum.
The first one I saw displayed in a gun shop showcase drew customers like bears to honey.
exhibit; display.
the albums showcase his production skills
The exhibition of the best entries was a powerful showcase for photography.
Instead of igniting public interest in technology and industry, the museum had become a style showcase , he said.
the albums showcase his production skills
The Chelsea art scene functions as a showcase for international artists and recent trends.
Orders have been received from Thailand where the vehicles will be used as a showcase for the Indian and Chinese market.
the albums showcase his production skills
Agricultural shows have always been a showcase or shop window for the agricultural industry and they will remain so at least in the short term.
‘It's a showcase for all farmers in the area and it's great that the public can come and be involved,’ he said.
The festival's ambition - to become a showcase for world cinema - is equally grand.
Later, the staff enjoyed seeing their sand castings displayed in a special showcase .