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showbiz / шоу-бизнес
show business
History has opened our eyes to the lust, crime and stupidity that lurked behind the glittering showbiz veneer.
It has a quiet strength and integrity, not a lot of noisy showbiz pizazz.
He chats about an enduring showbiz career, and tells how the first song he ever wrote was his biggest hit.
At the time she was given her showbiz nickname she was relatively well-off; now she is simply rich.
But time is precious for these football and showbiz stars and business high-flyers.
Yet it's her showbiz background that accounts for much of her toughness.
This is where desperate immigrants, former showbiz stars and ancient juvenile delinquents seek asylum.
Here is a fairy-tale showbiz story that's almost too corny to be true.
For the thousands who queued up in the freezing cold there was only one word to describe the showbiz bash of the year - hot.
The glamorous showbiz star has a huge cocaine addiction and it was starting to affect her work